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Cosas Hacer

March 10, 2015

Look up florists in D

Draw diagram in dream journal of how many people have been ‘connected’ through Cento 5. Contemplate how creating centos from other poets’ work is not just a deeper level of engagement than merely reading a poem & liking it, but… is actually teaching me how to craft good poems.

Notice that the poets whose work I’ve made centos from are all poets whose craft I admire and would like to learn from . . . which kind of makes those poets my mentors. So I probably need to get serious about tracking down copies of their books to own, so I can pore over them, and practice, practice, practice!

Catch my reflection in the bathroom mirror and realize my grey hair catches the light in a pretty way

Pick up mail at home; check POB {empty}

Post card to Friend1

Post letter to Friend2

Post borrowed book back to P

Ship boxes of cool stuff to Friend3

Donate 2 bags of casual clothes

Drop in at dentist’s office and make appointment for Procedure

Gas up car

Look at flowers and green plants at Local Plant Nursery

Find someone at LPN I can ask technical questions of; ask (again) about neonicotinoids {Receive lots of information, none of it what I wanted to hear & some of it hair-raising}

Pay careful attention to types of greenery that are appealing: variegated leaves, esp if they contain yellow-green (because Amelia); straight lines and angles (surprise!)

Drop off 6 books & pick up 4 Hold Requests from Local Library

Take recycling over

Call dentist to reschedule that Procedure for after lunch, but they’re closed; will try again Tuesday

Put Wendy outside on balcony

Unpack bucket on balcony; arrange my big rocks; put out water-tray; re-discover & re-place mat ~ Potager2015 is officially “open”

Mend broken line of wind-chimes with orange cord and yellow-orange yarn

Have Spouse re-hang wind-chimes

{When wind-chimes’ mended line immediately breaks, plummeting to concrete balcony, breaking hanging elements into a hundred pieces} Decide that maybe it’s okay to let go of these particular wind-chimes

Update checkbook

Add water to bouquet of flowers on the kitchen windowsill

Amuse Spouse with tale of snow mountains that crave the taste of metal luring shopping carts into their depths, where they are (perhaps) getting nibbled on

Notice that I’m “bouncing off the walls” in overflowing emotional energy, and have been all day. {It could be the improvement in weather – it was 53 F today – but it is definitely the first time in months I have felt as physically good and energetic}

At dinner, talk to Spouse about whether he thinks we’ll go on a vacation this year

Notice that, if logistical wrangling will end up being required in Thing later this year, I’ve just told Spouse I can handle it “in baby steps”. {Significant because I didn’t ask for his help, as I usually would. I feel confident of my abilities and capable of meeting this challenge!}

Look at blank books in colorways that G might like; decide maybe I need to come back tomorrow, when no one’s waiting on me

Get guacamole; weird cookies with vegetables in them

Bring Wendy back inside {did they really ‘ask’ me to do that? Does it matter? It’s still too cold at night}

Straighten out with Spouse how we’re going to handle taking my car in for maintenance this week

Read library book about the Kennedys, talking back to the book frequently

Eat both lemon bars; 2 Caveman cookies; Hershey bar. Why am I still hungry?

Look up hair salons in D {for every single one of Salon1’s extensive list of services, the price is “call, because each stylist charges a little bit differently”? Really? Also, your February discount on hair color was February . . . 2012? Um.}

Go through latest poetry journal anthology-thingy: are there photos I want to cut up? Notice it has an ISBN – that means I can include it amongst “books read”

Update LibraryThing

Notice that I forgot to drink sufficient fluids all day Monday; will try to do better Tuesday

Oh hey, I stayed up all night again. Oops.

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