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Bozho / Hola / Labas,

I’m Mea Fiadhiglas, and I blog here about my creative | inner life. These days, it’s mostly what I’m reading, and occasional (night) dreams that feel significant. 2009–16, I wrote about my conceptual art & various creative projects, figuring out how to relate to my watershed, my personal history.

I live in northern Maryland with my partner and plants. We’re both originally from elsewhere, but this is Home.

I’m in my early 50s. I’m essentially ‘retired’: I self-dx’ed as autistic in 2015; I’m chronically ill* and disabled.

I spend most of my time reading books, and thinking. When I have the energy — and it’s not too cold, or too hot — I go for walks, and photograph my friends and neighbors [flowers, trees, spiders, water, fungi & slime molds, …].


* Pain management consumes most of my daily and weekly energy: EDS, IBS, migraine, non-24 hour sleep, TMJ are the main issues. I also have a low pain tolerance, and a redhead’s inability to be soothed by analgesics. (I have a migraine right now, and it huuuurts.)


Last updated: 10.31. 2018

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