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Intercalary Reading List

January 18, 2018

Covers the period from 12.28.2017 through 1.17.2018


I/we own 6 of these items. I watched 3 items in the cinema/on Netflix/Amazon/HBO/ YouTube. I read 4 books at the library of the Delaplaine Arts Center in Frederick. Libraries outside of Baltimore County, via Inter-Library Loan, supplied the other 19.



  1. 100 Diagrams that Changed the World by Scott Christianson
  2. 300 Years of Irish Watercolours and Drawings by Patricia A. Butler
  3. Abstract Art Painting: Expressions in Mixed Media by Debora Stewart
  4. The Art of Abstract Painting by Rolina van Vliet
  5. Expressive Flower Painting by Lynn Whipple
  6. Icelandic Art, text by Kristján Eldjárn [1957]
  7. Marc Chagall: Ceramic Masterpieces, edited by Roland Doschka
  8. The New Art of Color: The Writings of Robert and Sonia Delaunay, edited by Arthur A. Cohen [1978]



  1. Lee Miller: Portraits from a Life by Richard Calvocoressi
  2. Portraits of Earth by Freeman Patterson
  3. The Tao of Photography: Seeing Beyond Seeing by Philippe L. Gross and S.I. Shapiro
  4. Wynn Bullock: Revelations by Brett Abbott
  5. [Documentary] The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Photography, directed by Errol Morris


SFF by Sherwood Smith:

  1. Court Duel
  2. Inda
  3. Stranger by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith [Change series 1]
  4. Hostage by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith [Change series 2]
  5. Rebel by Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith [Change series 3]



  1. Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi
  2. The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison
  3. Solstice Wood by Patricia McKillip



  1. Pitch Perfect 3, directed by Trish Sie
  2. The Zookeeper’s Wife, directed by Niki Caro {watched ½}


British royalty:

  1. [TV] The Crown, season 2
  2. Diana: In Pursuit of Love by Andrew Morton
  3. Elizabeth the Queen by Sally Bedell Smith
  4. Royal Feud: The Dark Side of the Love Story of the Century by Michael Thornton


Memoir & Biography:

  1. Power, Privilege, and the Post: The Katharine Graham Story by Carol Felsenthal
  2. Reflections: On the Magic of Writing by Diana Wynne Jones
  3. The Year of Yes by Maria Dahvana Headley



  1. Making Sense of IBS by Brian E. Lacy, Ph.D., M.D.
  2. Writing on the Wall: Social Media — The First 2,000 Years by Tom Standage



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