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taking stock

December 27, 2017

One of my Yule gifts to myself was Priscilla Long’s book, Minding the Muse, in which she suggests assembling a List of Works you’ve created, tangible, written, whatever. It’s an interesting idea, but emotionally-fraught — maybe I can work up to it.

At present, here is a catalog what works are visible to a casual observer in our apartment.


Bedroom ~

Carved, glazed, rectangular open vessel. (Currently holding a dried rose.)

Carved, glazed curved lidded vessel. (Assorted pieces of metal, dried fruits, rocks.)

Twice-glazed bowl. {My 1st ceramics piece.} (Seeds, dried petals; NM ring; 2 candles.)

A pile of my old photographs.

A pile of my Instamatic photographs.

[[Spouse’s Instamatic photograph of t-o-m-a-t-o, 2017, in the dryad frame I’ve had almost 30 years.]]

[[Photograph of Gramma at her 80th birthday party, 1993, with her remaining 2 sisters.]]

[[Large vertical matted, framed photograph of trees in a forest – 1st fine art photograph I ever bought. Circa 2002. Indianapolis.]]

[[6 other pieces of art, made by others: art glass, stained glass, ceramics, mixed-media fiber, painting.]]

{Cacti, thistle, dead oxalis, in window box.}

{2 tree branches.}



Writing Nook ~

Photo album of my photographs (many of our 2003 trip to the California coast).

[[Copy of photo of a badger in a meadow, unknown photographer. 1999. Indiana.]]

[[Reproduction of Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass panel of a tree. Gift from Spouse.]]

[[4 other pieces of art, made by others.]]

{4 foot high rubber tree leaf on stem.}



I cannot do an exhaustive list of every piece of art in my studio, as (1) I keep losing track of who’s been counted, and (2) it’s not always clear which somethings are art in themselves. However,


Studio ~

Various rocks, dried flowers, fruits, and leaves. Shells. Metal. Wood. Glass. Beads. Tiles. Fibers. Fabric.

My bottle collection. Colorfully-stained wooden cubes. A 40 y.o. set of children’s wooden blocks.

Baskets of all sizes.

{3 windowboxes of plants, including t-o-m-a-t-o}

{Snake plant, on windowsill}

{12 freestanding tree branches; 7 branches in vases; 1 liana}

[[flowery wreath on the back of the door]]

[[Framed photograph Spouse took of himself, c. 1992]]

[[2 of Spouse’s photos of t-o-m-a-t-o]]

[[4 pieces of art glass]]

[[14 ceramic pieces made by others: 6 vessels, 2 sculptures, 3 figurines, 2 plates, 1 painted tile]]

[[1 small wooden bear figurine]]

[[1 colorfully-enameled metal canister with lid]]

[[1 painted clock depicting a fish. A long-ago gift from Spouse.]]

[[3 paintings by others; 4 prints of paintings by others]]

[[1 small-scale art quilt by NoVa fiber artist Joni Seidenstein]]


My art:

1 unframed photo, November 2017.

2 framed photos – double-exposure, Europe, 1990; gardens of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, c. 1995.

Pile of photos from New Mexico, 2016.

Large basket and box filled with 30-some years of my photographs (along with a few by other people).

13 color wheel (2016).

2 mixed media (wood, fiber) pieces.

1 piece fused glass (c. 2010).

Spatial–dispersed concrete poems (2016, 2017).

14 ceramic pieces: 10 vessels, 2 sculptures, 2 flat pieces (2002-03).

9 paintings: 1 oil (1978); 7 acrylic (2010); 1 watercolor (2013).


I have 30-some years of photographs to figure out what to do with. Drawings — I have a large-scale freestyle one that dates back to circa 1983, but others, too, from a class I took in 1993. I have more paintings. I have various weavings, mixed-media fiber, and 1 quilted-thing, none of which I know how to display, or where to put them.

I should dye more fabrics; create, or reconfigure, more garments.

I have an entire padded container full of test-glaze tiles, many of which are 3-d in odd shapes: I’d love to be able to easily handle them while pondering a design problem. I foresee rocks tracing sinuous streambed curves on my floor. I’d dearly love a fold-away labyrinth on my ceiling.


This version of a studio has taken me 22 years of experimenting and iterating to achieve. I’m finally getting the mix of elements in good proportions where they’re comfortable enough to inspire and delight me, but unexpected/varied/overlooked enough to invite curiosity and play.

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