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Reading List 4 of 2017

March 31, 2017


On 2.20.17, I abruptly developed an aversion to poetry, so I haven’t been reading it.


Covers the period from 3.12.2017 through 3.31.17

I/we own 3 of these items. I saw 1 movie on Netflix/Amazon. Baltimore County Public Library system supplied 16 of the books and movies; libraries in other parts of Maryland, via Inter-Library Loan, supplied the other 14.

For Women’s History Month, women.



  1. Binti by Nnedi Okorafor
  2. Binti: Home by Nnedi Okorafor
  3. Gilded Cage by Vic James
  4. Native Tongue by Suzette Haden Elgin
  5. Native Tongue II: The Judas Rose by Suzette Haden Elgin
  6. Native Tongue III: Earthsong by Suzette Haden Elgin
  7. Passing Strange by Ellen Klages
  8. The Weaver by Emmi Itäranta
  9. Wildalone by Krassi Zourkova


Asking big questions:

  1. Examined Life: Excursions with Contemporary Thinkers, edited by Astra Taylor
  2. The Geography of Morals: Varieties of Moral Possibility by Owen Flanagan
  3. Poetic Justice: The Literary Imagination and Public Life by Martha C. Nussbaum
  4. Spirit, Space & Survival: African American Women in (White) Academe, edited by Joy James and Ruth Farmer



  1. Moneyball, directed by Bennett Miller
  2. Holmes, directed by Bill Condon
  3. The Last Starfighter, directed by Nick Castle
  4. Piper, written & directed by Alan Barillaro
  5. The Homesman, directed by Tommy Lee Jones
  6. Victor/Victoria, directed by Blake Edwards


Visual culture:

  1. The 50 Most Influential Black Films by S. Torriano Berry and Venise T. Berry
  2. African American Visual Aesthetics: A Postmodernist View, edited by David C. Driskell
  3. Graphic Subjects: Critical Essays on Autobiography and Graphic Novels, edited by Michael A. Chaney
  4. Map Stories: The Art of Discovery by Francisca Mattéoli
  5. Masterpieces of Islamic Art: The Decorated Page from the 8th to the 17th Century by Oleg Grabar
  6. Pretty: Film and the Decorative Image by Rosalind Galt
  7. Teaching Visual Culture: Curriculum, Aesthetics, and the Social Life of Art by Kerry J. Freedman



  1. Born Both: An Intersex Life by Hida Viloria
  2. My Autistic Awakening by Rachael Lee Harris



  1. In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney
  2. LGBT Baltimore by Louise Parker Kelley
  3. Richard Posner by William Domnarski
  4. Showdown: Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court Nomination that Changed America by Wil Haygood
  5. Simon: The Genius in My Basement by Alexander Masters [math / Conway’s rival]



  1. Unstrung by Laura Spinella



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