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Creative Year in Review ~ 2016

December 30, 2016

Writing poetry

  • First poem published by a lit journal! Spiral Orb, issue Twelve
  • People in 16 states + Washington, DC / 21 watersheds [HUC8’s] have read or heard my poems.
  • Wrote my first poem mixing English with Spanish (title is in Spanish), plus a word or two in Anishinaabe, Gaelic, Lithuanian, Maltese.
  • Wrote a poem whose title is a created compound word in Gaelic.



  • Began a spatial–dispersed poem {emergent, constellation}
  • Have a name for what I’m doing ~ vallo
  • Re-imagining how I number poems.
  • Section separators in daybook => sketches of my moods. Noticed I’m incorporating a lot more white space into my entries.
  • Feeling rhythms of time differently. Becoming aware of (personal) fluctuations, subtle patterns, formerly overlooked.


Emotion~color~flavor Synesthesia

  • Blue and Orange are a significant colorway related to my genders. (I’ve been wearing a lot of outfits including both colors, but the combination also appears in many of my photos this year.)
  • Custom coffee mix: varying amounts of clove, nutmeg, and (freshly-ground) black pepper, added to freshly-ground coffee beans. Sometimes cinnamon; zests & peels of Meyer lemons, clementines.


Interior Design

  • Studio design beginning to resemble a forest outright, not just metaphorically:
    • Streambed lined with polished stones;
    • Storage structures of various heights, as symbolic trees;
    • Tree branches, from various types of trees, scattered throughout;
    • There are several more living plants (3 transplants, and 1 grown from seeds), plus a pot full of cacti with pink flowers.
  • Fabric for studio color scheme purchased; contents of some shelves concealed with tissue paper, in blue-green and yellow-green.
  • Writing nook now has a color scheme: shades of blue-green and yellow-green, accented with purple and pink. Contents of shelves concealed with fabric; chair has been slipcovered. {Amelia-friendly}
  • Bedroom now has a color scheme: robin’s-egg-blue and spring green, accented with orange. {Amelia-friendly}



  • Chincoteague Island, VA ~ April
  • Harpers Ferry, WV ~ June
  • New Mexico ~ northern and Albuquerque ~ September



  • Took photos with main (red) camera, and phone all year.
  • [[Spouse had a solo show of framed photographic prints at the Delaplaine Arts Center, Frederick, MD.]]



  • I’ve been corresponding with a poetry penpal since March.
  • Sent out 12 Winter Holiday cards, mostly to Twitter-friends (who span 11 time zones).


Visual texts

  • Watched 73 feature films, including
  • 14 foreign films.
  • {Spouse is making videos, and} I’m thinking about making videos.



  • Read 332 books all the way through;
  • Read (at least) 53 books part of the way.
  • 6 periods of non-reading.


Writing prose

  • Wrote 35,435 words in 50 blog posts (including this one). This year had the fewest number of posts, and the second-fewest number of words.
  • {10.19.09–12.30.16 inclusive, have written 568,734 words in 730 blog posts.}



  • {Red§cted}
  • My GI issues are being managed fairly successfully.
  • B: 13.5 (9), 25; P: (4), 5


Potager [balcony garden]


Social Media

  • Still on Twitter.
  • Joined Instagram.
  • Currently supporting 12 creators on Patreon.




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