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List: tree types

November 19, 2016

I have so many thoughts about the election, but so far they remain a tangle of nettlesome threads.


If I could remember where on Twitter I read the suggestion of making (alphabetical) lists to relieve anxiety, I would give that person credit.


These are off the top of my head.


A – alder, ash, aspen, avocado, apple, acacia, almond

B – beech, birch, banyan, baobab, bottle, banana, blue spruce, bald cypress, boxwood

C – cherry, crab apple, catalpa, cottonwood, crape myrtle, cacao, coffee, chestnut, cinnamon

D – dogwood

E – elder, elm, ebony

F – fir, fig

G – gum

H – hawthorn, honey locust, holly, hemlock, hickory, hackberry, hazelnut

I – ironwood

J – jack pine, jacaranda

K – kauri, kumquat, Kentucky coffee

L – lime, linden, lemon, live oak

M – maple, magnolia, mesquite, mahogany, madrone, mangrove, mango, mountain laurel

O – olive, osage orange, oak

P – pear, persimmon, paw paw, pecan, peach, papaya

Q – quince, queen of heaven*

R – rhododendron, rowan, redwood, redbud

S – staghorn sumac, sycamore, sweetgum, sourwood, sassafras, serviceberry, sequoia

T – tulip poplar, teak

W – willow, walnut, witch hazel

Y – yew, yellowwood


*apparently the common name is actually “tree of heaven”, Ailanthus altissima


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