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Creative Year in Review ~ 2015

December 28, 2015

Theme: Embody the Unknown


Visual texts

  • Watched 64 feature films, focusing on diverse casts, then diverse directors and writers.
  • Watched 30 documentaries.
  • Watched 6 experimental / avant-garde films.



  • Read 325 books all the way through, including:
    • 64 poetry collections;
    • 29 poetry anthologies;
  • Read (at least) 84 books part of the way.
  • Did not read any books, 11.29.15 – 12.29.15


Writing prose

  • Wrote 136,531 words in 155 blog posts (including this one).
  • {10.19.09–12.28.15 inclusive, wrote 532,200 words in 678 blog posts.}


Writing poetry

  • {Re-thought how I keep track of poems I’ve written: now only ‘finished’ poems receive numbers.}
  • Wrote and finished 14 poems.
  • 3 poems submitted for publication.
  • 4 posted to Blog 2. {No overlap with above item.}
  • Wrote my first bilingual poem, Spanish and English.
  • Applied to Hedgebrook as a poet for 2016. {Was not accepted.}



  • Realized I’m autistic in mid-June. Read 38 books on the subject, watched 4 movies.
  • Never wrote “summary” blog post about what I learned from my therapy with P in 2014 because I’m still angry over how she repeatedly pushed my boundaries.


Potager [balcony garden]

  • Bought organic plants from environmental nonprofit organization. What flowers there were, were white, pink, and yellow. Lots of ‘weeds’ which I treated the same as the other plants.
  • Animal life observed: bumblebees, wasps, wolf spiders. Ladybugs. Hummingbird.
  • No butterflies, moths, slugs, snails. But also very few aphids.



  • Took photos with 2 main cameras and phone all year. Haven’t uploaded photos since August, so I don’t know how many in total.


Interior Design

  • Studio re-design evolving from the bottom up.
  • Writing nook design also evolving.


Social Media

  • I deleted my Flickr account.
  • I quit Twitter. A month later, I rejoined, with a new handle.
  • I joined LiveJournal. 3 months later, I deleted my account.
  • For brief periods of time, supported 3 creators on Patreon.


Meta-Developmental Editing

  • Released many items that no longer fit my aesthetic and sense of myself:
    • Pruning my wardrobe of problematic garments: unhappy history; colorways that jangle my moods; etc.
    • Books I don’t wish to re-read, especially those obsessed with social rank and power dynamics; too cishet; too dystopian; no animals or plants as characters; no joy.
    • Art supplies I realize I’ll never use.
  • Re-thinking what my life is about. Where I’ve succeeded, even when I thought I’d failed. What I can still work on. What directions might be fruitful in the future.
  • Spent the 33 days I wasn’t reading books… befriending the void. Facing my fears as honestly as I can. Dealing with what’s really there, no matter what it is.
  • Re-thinking my aims for friendship, especially now that I know I’m autistic.
  • Found a way to guarantee I receive frequent snail mail that’s personal, interesting, and fun. Have been doing that for 3 months, and it’s fantastic!


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