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car talk

June 23, 2015

I’ve had my current car, Juicy Fruit, for >11 years (the longest I’ve ever owned a car, by 3+ years). She’s never been in an accident; never been dented, scratched, or scraped.

And then today’s hailstorm happened. Extensive popcorn dents on the roof, a huge dent that peeled paint off the trunk, and… the rear window was destroyed. Glass fragments all over the inside of the car, the outside, the parking lot around my car.

Spouse cleaned up as much as it as he could manage, given it was already dark out when he began. (He insisted he didn’t need my help.)

He thinks my back speakers may also be ruined.

= = =

We’re supposed to get more rain Thursday, so he’s arranged to have car-window-repair people who come to you come out Thursday morning (the only appointment they had free this week).

= = =

His office, where he was stuck during the storm, is only ~ 4 miles north of our apartment, and while they got hail, it was nowhere near as big as the golfball-sized stuff we got.

But hey, I met some of our neighbors! One guy is a stormchaser type who was videotaping the storm before the hail, and caught my car before, and after.

Everyone in our parking lot suffered some damage, but my car seemed to get the worst of it.

= = =

In the apartment during the monsoon-like rain, and then hail, I feared the storm windows were going to break inward, the hail was hitting so hard. I sat in the hallway, back braced against the wall, monitoring the weather via Twitter on my phone. Our power was out for about 3 hours.

It could have been a lot worse.

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