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expressive arts

May 31, 2015

Part of a letter I sent someone enumerated all the art forms I’ve tried, and I thought I’d put the list into a blog post for my own easy reference.

Bolded are things I still do/still enjoy doing.

  1. DANCE: ballet, tap, modern, ballroom;
  2. MUSIC: acoustic guitar, recorder, singing;
  3. THEATER?: acting, modeling for a photographer;
  4. DRAWING: pencils, charcoal, colored pencils, pastels;
  5. PAINTING: oil, acrylic, watercolor;
  6. PAPER: 2-d design, collage, paper garments for photography;
  7. MIXED MEDIA: handmade valentines, building miniature rooms, flower arranging, beading jewelry, collage, “balancing/sculpture” for photography;
  8. FOOD: baking, cake decorating;
  9. WRITING: letters, poetry, essays;
  10. FIBER: braiding, rug hooking, embroidery, machine sewing (from a pattern), knitting on a machine, tapestry weaving, floor loom weaving, fabric painting, fabric dyeing, hand sewing (freeform), quilting, knitting by hand, fiber jewelry;
  11. PHOTOGRAPHY: nature, portraits –nonhumans, ongoing series of Spouse, self;
  12. CERAMICS: hand-built vessels, tiles;
  13. FASHION: my own wardrobe building, styling models for a photographer;

I am still tackling the emotional roadblocks obstructing me from creating my own garments.

I don’t really enjoy “wardrobe building” right now because I both don’t make my own garments (yet), and no one but me has any positive interest in what I wear almost ever.

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