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fragments of activities

May 25, 2015

Spouse has been visiting his family of origin in Kentucky since last week; I’ve been home alone. It’s been glorious.

I had to get on Twitter to rejoice about the same-sex marriage referendum-thingy passing in Ireland!

Beyond that, though, I’ve barely been on Twitter at all. And I figured out a portion of why I am on Tw as much as I am, in more ordinary circumstances.

I met some new downstairs neighbors yesterday.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the balcony garden. Sometimes reading. Mostly just sitting while the breeze blows the maple tree’s leaves, and bumblebees hover or chase each other away from our railings. I think I saw a dragonfly earlier, but it must’ve gotten very lost.

On my midnight walk last night, I perched on a basalt boulder at the bottom of the hill for a while, where I surprised a fox who came out of the woods. Later, there may have been a bat.

Disappointed with a great many of the books I got from Inter-Library Loan a few days ago.

I went to see a movie Friday afternoon. Haven’t decided if I’ll go see another one tomorrow. I now have a dedicated fund for going to see movies.

Went to the farmstand yesterday: got local-ish honey (purpose of the trip), but also a cucumber, red potatoes, and one delicious peach. It can’t be summer until there are peaches, preferably where I can pick them up and smell them as often as I want. They’re also tasty, but I actually prefer the smell.

I meant to do something about my hair while Spouse was gone, but I’ve been so productive otherwise that I haven’t gotten around to all the bother it will likely entail. I want doing it to feel like a fun experiment, not like just another chore. So.

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