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Dream: 3.13.15

March 14, 2015

I’m lying across my bed, with my head next to a pillow with a yellow-green pillowcase. A spider drops a line, climbing down to the pillowcase. I look up and see the spider, which is a large orb weaver, like Cressida, but unlike her, a translucent chestnut brown. As the spider arrives on the pillowcase, near my head, my sister tells me, all panicky, that it’s about to crawl onto my face.

Several levels down from my conscious mind, I realize I would normally be panicky too, but instead I’m calm. I just close my eyes, and let the spider walk across my cheek, on her way to wherever she was going.


The yellow-green pillowcase in the dream is a real pillowcase on the pillow I use most often. Yellow-green, too, is a marker for Amelia (synesthesia) — joy/delight/playful.

If I was awake, and there was a large orb weaving spider even in the apartment, I would be unnerved. But I’ve dreamed about interacting with much larger spiders (although I think those were jumping spiders), inside the apartment, and not turning a hair.

What might a dream-spider symbolize?

  • Fear => Openness, Trust in the Process, Calm.
  • Metabolizing one’s own resources.
  • Competence at bricolage (using what is readily available).
  • Inner power.


Why was the spider translucent?

Well, she glowed with inner light(?). Or she amplified the light already present(?).


Why did the spider land on my pillowcase (near my head)? Why walk across my face?

Feeling invaded all the time is a huge theme in my life right now. Not so much because I’m continually being invaded currently, but because it’s finally safe to realize how much I always hated it when it was happening all the time.

The spider landed near my head to give me the choice of how to react. And my dream-sister (whom I hadn’t even known was there) warned me, too, in case I’d missed the implications.

Last summer, a wasp (or bee) unexpectedly landed on my hand, and walked around for timeless moments. I was… open to what was going to happen. I didn’t panic; I wasn’t scared. I was… curious, interested, mindfully aware.

The spider interacting with me in such an intimate way was making a connection with me. (She could have landed anywhere in the room she wanted to.)



Out walking a few days ago, I thought of the metaphysical things I do in my life as being threads I pull through, and weave with. What is a spider if not a fiber artist? Plus, Grandmother Spider, who (I’d forgotten until just now) has been one of my archetypes.

I think this dream tells me I’m on a good path, making good choices: I’m engaging with The World, with art. I’m doing things consistent with Amelia (which is what I’ve wanted). And I’m also healing myself (because I wasn’t scared).

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