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Creative Year in Review ~ 2014

December 31, 2014

Theme: Fire Horse, Be Bold

Writing poetry

  • Wrote 79 poems.
  • 15 poems submitted for publication a total of 20 times.
  • 1 poem conditionally accepted.
  • People in 9 states + Washington, DC / 14 watersheds [HUC8’s] have read or heard my poems.
  • Wrote 24 writer bios (mostly poetry-related).
  • 2 classes at The Writers Center:
    • imagery in prose & poetry;
    • translation as inspiration [for poetry].
  • Attended my first poetry festival, in March.
  • Applied to AROHO 2015 as a nonbinary poet, in October.


Writing prose

  • Wrote 102,062 words in 109 blog posts (including this one).
  • {10.19.09–12.31.14 inclusive, wrote 395,669 words in 523 blog posts.}
  • Dismantled my small business, in August.
  • Did a DIY “silent retreat” for 5 days of writing, in December.



  • Read 210 books all the way through, including:
    • 74 poetry collections;
    • 13 poetry anthologies;
    • 27 poetry books, recommended to me by 8 AROHO poets [who live in 7 HUC4 regions].
  • Read (at least) 53 books part of the way. (I didn’t track all of them.)
  • Beta reader for 5 SFF projects: 2 fiction; 3 poetry.
  • Applied to be a slush reader for SFF magazine.



  • Came out as “nonbinary” to AROHO. Asked them to consider clarifying their audience and community as “people who are not (cis) men”, rather than the assumed default of “(cis) women”.
  • Came out as “nonbinary” to my doctor, and my therapist. Both of them unfamiliar with the concept.
  • Came out as a “spoonie” [chronically ill], offline, and on Twitter.


Potager [balcony garden]

  • Looked all over northern and central Maryland for plant nurseries selling annual and perennial flowers not grown in soil containing neonicotinoids [pernicious class of synthetic pesticides that are killing beneficial insects and birds worldwide]. Even when websites for the plant nurseries said they had a policy on neonicotinoids, none of their employees on the floor, or the phone, were familiar with the term, nor my explanations of same. Finally bought organic plants from environmental nonprofit organization. [Including 2 different types of milkweeds, hoping to provide host food source for monarch butterfly caterpillars.] Most of the plants ~ died quickly; didn’t flower before dying, or had inconspicuous flowers. From that, discovered that I enjoy having a potager because of: lots of flowers, in pretty colors, and visits by pollinators, and other mostly-beneficial wildlife.
  • Planted wild-gathered milkweed seeds.
  • Wrote a poem about aphids [who ultimately killed all 8 of my milkweeds].



  • Spring & summer – letters to, phone conversations with, Kendra.
    • Asked Kendra every question about family history I could think of.
    • Said [Thing1] I’ve wanted to say for 29 years.
    • Information design suggestions for [Thing2].
  • August – best visit ever with in-laws in Kentucky.


Social Media

  • Twitter: I made a bunch of friends in different groups of poets, writers, artists. Am part of an extensive friend-group.
  • LinkedIn: My profile continues to evolve.
  • LibraryThing: Updated my favorite authors: a lot more are now poets.


Fiber Arts

  • Experiments with:
    • folding paper;
    • cut-outs;
    • stencils.



  • Took 5,459 Keep rate after 1st pass, 75%. [Need to do 2nd pass… sometime].



  • Chincoteague Island, Virginia
    • Photographed myself having an ecstatic experience.


Interior Design

  • Envisioned and sketched organizing theme for configuration of studio.
  • Envisioned, created writing nook in living room.



  • Thought about how to create a “tree” sculpture from metal, bamboo, and glass bottles.
  • Purchased metal tools of various sorts. Hoping to use at least some for ceramics.



  • Found a local pottery studio I might be able to buy clay and glazes, rent studio & kiln time, from. Will pursue in 2015.
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