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Winter Holidays 2014 ~ Elements of interest

December 28, 2014

Tabletop-size artificial tree, decorated with lights, and “Christmas wombat” ornament.

Meyer lemons (for their scent). Clementines & tangerines (to eat).

Holiday cards mailed to Twitter-friends in: Australia; Quebec; NYC; Minneapolis; Kansas; Seattle.

Illustrated envelope => Stenciled snowflake on envelope => paper cut-out snowflakes

Driving around our new neighborhood and environs, to look at pretty lights.

Seasonal chocolate truffles from local chocolatier.


Box of gifts I sent to friends faraway, Kansas edition, opened up in Kansas. Photographs put up on Twitter. Many compliments on my wrapping. Joy! Delight! Excitement!

For Christmas Eve, I wore a pretty coral pink dress I’d been saving for a special occasion.

Box of gifts from Kansas . . . arrived 2 days late — dramatically, on Christmas Eve — after detour through Louisiana! Opened, with delight, same day. Handwritten note with illustrations! Books of poetry! Chocolate! Coconut white chocolate almonds from Hungary!

Watched movies, 3 nights running. Japanese amnesia/gangster/romance from library! Loki! Thor (for more Loki)! Yggdrasil! Talking to Spouse about Norse mythology, after he was surprised I knew so much about it! Talking to Spouse about Chaotic alignments, trickster figures.

2nd annual “walk in the woods on Christmas Day” with Spouse. Photographs taken. Deep thoughts happened.

Gluten-free pasta for Christmas Day dinner.

Presents under the tree. Opened, Christmas Day.

Reading new books, library books.

Mailing paper snowflakes to Australia; Maryland; Kentucky.

Cards and gifts received from Kentucky.

Enigmatic and unexpected voicemail from person who dropped out of my life months ago.

Saw friend (now living in London) who’s back in Maryland to see family; invite extended.

Still have photos to print out & send with final holiday card, hopefully soon. . .


Next year, hopefully, a daytrip. Also, more cookies.

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