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treasures unboxed

November 29, 2014

Anger about my 30th birthday (surprise) party + my 40th birthday weekend in Vermont (flavored with surprise visit from friends, dinner out for my birthday) +my wedding + lackluster birthdays for many years + lack of celebratory aspects of Thanksgiving just past, and likely Christmas-to-come =>

I want to celebrate my own birthdays very differently, going forward. No more parties, even if I ever have good friends again. No more (futile) hoping Spouse remembers what actually matters to me.

I haven’t gotten a surprise gift in years that I really liked, but I have gotten some real wtf? doozies.

Here’s what I want: travel / good food / delicious dessert(s) / festive beverages / pretty decorations / attractive setting / walking around outside / wearing clothes I feel good in / gifts I get for myself / serendipity, surprise.

Optional: possibility of interesting conversation / dancing.


And, I need to marry myself. A “wedding” planned along the lines of the birthday celebration above, with some additions.

Flowers. The right pretty colors. Cake. Photographs.

Trees as witnesses. A tangible wearable artifact. Vows.

An anniversary date.

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