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Dream elements: 11.28 & 11.29.14

November 29, 2014

Spouse woke me up this morning, so I didn’t catch the entire narrative of the dream I was having. The part I remember is just one scene.

I was in a double-room: one side (I think) was mine, the other side was my sister’s. I may have decorated my side [although I don’t recall that in any detail]; my sister definitely decorated her side. As she hung the clock on the wall, the room seemed “finished” in some significant way.

The color scheme of the room was: shadowy white walls as the backdrop for the Art Deco style clock in tubes of black, grey, and metallic dark red.


So, that’s 2 days in a row I dreamed about a color scheme that contained ashy-black-grey, dark red, and shadowy white. It must mean something.

I . . . don’t like any of those colors. If I saw a color scheme like that — which is a color scheme that appealed to my real-life sister, back in the day — I would avoid it.

But in the dream yesterday, that color scheme was the business card of Mary X, the Costumer. Somebody I was intrigued by, wanted to get to know. Not someone I have an unpleasant history with (like my sister).

Today, I tried to imagine what mood those colors might correspond with. All I came up with is . . . deep resistance and wanting to run away. It’s creepy, and deeply off-putting.

The clock makes me think of time — is there some unresolved emotional thing or event from my personal history that corresponds to this color scheme?

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