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weaving with rose motif

November 17, 2014


Rosetta Stone, the key to translating unknown scripts ~ at an early age, got me interested in hieroglyphs, runes; translating, and linguistics

“rosemary, the herb of love and remembrance”

“rose-colored glasses” ~ idealism, optimism (traits I usually have in abundance)

“She ain’t got no money. Her clothes are kinda funny. Her hair is kinda wild and free. Oh, but love grows where my Rosemary goes and nobody knows like me.” ~ lyrics from Edison Lighthouse song, that I’ve loved since I was a kid

“a rosebush raised by cacti” ~ metaphor I’ve used to describe myself

“rose pink” ~ a particular shade that is part of my Amelia wyxzi [synesthesia: love/joy/delight]



yellow tipped roses in my aunt’s wedding bouquet

my mother’s rosebushes in front garden of Naperville house

pink (silk) roses in flower hair wreath I made for myself to wear for Pagan rites

pink roses in my wedding flower hair wreath and bouquet (that were the wrong color)

mini-rosebush my sister got me as a gift (that almost-immediately died)

cut roses Spouse has bought me for gifts, usually birthday ~ assorted colors

garnet and fuschia rosebushes; yellow rosebushes; in our old neighborhood

cut roses of assorted colors I’ve photographed at Wegmans

Rose Garden at Ladew

deep red roses Spouse bought for a photo shoot, that I also photographed with

red rosebushes near P’s office



Rozilea, my dress form, 2012

Rose Justice, poet (among other things), fictional character from Rose Under Fire, by Elizabeth Wein, 2013



Rosebud, Roseblossom ~ names my aunt (occasionally my mother) called baby-me, child-me, 1960s–1970s

Rosemary S., my distant Australian cousin, who died in 1998

Rose M., my old friend and former coworker from IDEM, 2003–2007

Heather Rose J., Twitter-friend, 2014

Rose L., Twitter-friend, 2014



ivory silk ribbon roses hair clip, 1990s

Linda Allard for Ellen Tracy stained glass roses sweater that I’ve had since the 1990s

geometric-curved rose design ~ the first tapestry cartoon I ever drew, c. 2004

idea for rose & fire I wasn’t able to draw to my satisfaction, c. 2007

“the fire and the rose are one”, T.S. Eliot in Little Gidding (which I first read in 2011)

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