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Dream elements: 10.17.14

October 18, 2014

Friday morning, I had a dream containing elements that seemed more significant than what actually happened in it. Instead of analyzing the “plot”, I brainstormed what the elements might represent, to see if a gestalt understanding would emerge.

AROHO 2013 women . . . . . . . various incarnations of Past Me

AROHO 2015 women . . . . . . . various (possible) incarnations of Future Me

Dream-Me (nonbinary/genderdiverse) . . . . . . . Present Me

Spouse (man) . . . . . . . catalyst for introducing Play [playfulness], such that my comfort zone was left in the dust /// Trickster archetype ~ 1 (of 3) of my most-salient archetypes.

[ At the Ghost Ranch Library, while attending AROHO 2013, I synchronistically ran across Jeremy Taylor’s book, The Living Labyrinth: Exploring Universal Themes in Myths, Dreams, and the Symbolism of Waking Life, where he wrote about 2 of my special archetypes:

“Because the archetypal energy of the Divine Child is always associated with new ideas and emotions coming into conscious awareness, it will also bear a deep connection to the archetypal Trickster [which] is an archetype of human consciousness itself, with its ‘tricky’ propensity for self-deception on the one hand, and tremendous creativity on the other.” (p. 156) ]

AROHO itself . . . . . . . literary and creative endeavors, sanctioned; community of peers

setting of elementary school . . . . . . . (re)learning “the basics”, the foundation of all future knowledge (?), praxis (?)

The only AROHO woman I distinctly remember (who strongly resembled US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor) . . . . . . . there to “see justice done”? “right past wrongs”?


This was not one of those dreams where I was taking an exam, and worrying about failing it, yet the setting being an elementary school kinda recalls those sorts of dreams to mind.

And Jeremy Taylor wrote about those dreams as well:

“The dream of the class you forgot to attend all semester reflects the dreamer’s spiritual predicament. It is as though every person were automatically enrolled in an ongoing ‘class’ at birth called something like What Is Really Going On Here Below The Surface of Mere Appearance. . . The Divine Child is the part of our psyche that knows how to pass the exam in the forgotten class, how to transform the dreamer’s individual life and collective society.” (pp. 164, 166)


Questions raised by this dream:

Why wasn’t I the ‘main event’? (How do I know I wasn’t?)

Who else’s presentation would’ve/could’ve been more appropriate/necessary than mine (the one dream-Spouse suggested, but I was too afraid to do)?

Were all the AROHO attendees actually women? Or did I just assume they were, and therefore, that none were enough like me to care about what I needed to ask them? *

Why was dream-Spouse there? [Thinking back on it now, it almost seems like . . . no one else could see him? So he was my conscience/advisor?]

Dream-Spouse is the most-unlikely recurring dream character to be playful. What does this shift signify?

What is a waking-life analogue to dream-Me’s fear of presenting to the AROHO women?

Is it significant that my presentation would have been impromptu/improvised? [ I had to give an impromptu speech in high school speech class. My mind blanked out, and I have no recollection of what actually happened. Speech class was pretty horrible anyway, but that assignment was especially terrifying. ]

Why didn’t I recognize any of the AROHO women?

Where was the school located?

What time of year was the dream taking place? [ The light in the room was golden glowy natural light. ]

Is the ‘golden glowy natural light’ related to YELLOW?

Where and how and with whom can I be braver than what I have already been doing?

* 10.19.14, re-reading this post, realized that this question echoes the circumstances behind the creation of AROHO itself. At Ghost Ranch in 2000, Mary Johnson asked a bunch of women on a retreat for the resources to write the book within her that needed to be written. She received the resources from Darlene Chandler Bassett, and the 2 of them went on to co-found AROHO, which supports and funds the books other women have yearned to write.

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  1. October 19, 2014 08:53

    oh my gosh, that book sounds like just what I need.
    I hope you figure out which future incarnation of you that you need to be. ❤

    • October 19, 2014 13:29

      It’s a really excellent book.

      Within it, I also found very helpful the retelling of a myth featuring (Japanese) trickster Uzume. Most tricksters in myth are male, and seem to me to be Chaotic Neutral, but Uzume is female, in an earthy and bawdy way. She’s someone who makes rollicking good fun happen wherever she goes. And she’s definitely Chaotic Good, like me. Yay all around!

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