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late night musing

April 2, 2014

Got interrupted while writing (a different) blog post Saturday; not sure when/if I’ll get back to it. Spouse has been home sick for 2 days. Our upstairs neighbors continue to be annoyingly noisy.

Odd how the Internet allows me to drop in on blogs I haven’t read regularly for (I think) at least 3 years, and see what commenters are talking about now. It’s sort of like somehow overhearing the conversations of people you used to know from across the street, and then deciding, yeah, not worth it to go over and say Hi.

Except for time with Spouse, I’m alone ~90% of the time, and … I’m adjusting to it. I’m getting a lot pickier about who I do want to spend time with.

For the month of March, I was mostly fasting from reading books. I did begin 2 books, but put both down before finishing as they did not retain my interest.

I’ve been experimenting with spending loads less time on Twitter.

Now that 7.5 months have elapsed since I returned from New Mexico, I have the emotional distance (and have done the work necessary) to realize that … I didn’t make friends after all. And I’m not devastated. In fact, it’s … kind of liberating.

Am working on some new-ish metaphors for how I’m behaving socially these days. “Connecting” to human beings no longer seems worth the bother, for the most part: so much stress, for so little (comprehensible or enjoyable) return.

I really prefer my own company.

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