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Creative Year in Review ~ 2013

December 31, 2013

Theme: Be Visible

Reading & Writing

  • I read 366 books all the way through.
  • I read (at least) 39 books part of the way. (I didn’t track all of them.)
  • Started using Inter-Library Loan at public library!
  • I withdrew from writing the book I started in 2012.
  • I applied to 2 writing gigs (1 paid, 1 unpaid). I received an offer on the unpaid 1, but decided not to take it.
  • A prose piece I submitted online in 2012 was published online in 2012, but I didn’t discover that until 2013.
  • I took 2 writing classes, 1 on poetry.
  • I attended my first writer’s retreat.
  • I wrote 80,977 words in 84 blog posts (including this one).
  • I finished 28 poems. [80% of all the poems I’ve ever written.]
  • I submitted 13 poems for publication, including 4 contests.


  • Began following people on Twitter that primarily write in Spanish and/or Catalan.            I translate their words into English for myself, with the help of a bilingual dictionary.
  • When I read poems in (Spanish & English) bilingual editions, I do my own translating alongside the official version (just for fun).
  • Have read poetry translated into English from the original languages of ~ Elizabeth English, Anglo-Saxon, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Irish Gaelic, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish.


  • Explored several new first names to go by socially. Picked Mea.
  • Created another name — Meander W — to go by amongst other writers and poets.
  • Outed myself as “gender-fluid”, offline, and on Twitter.


  • I attended 2 seminars on issues relating to water quality in Chesapeake Bay.
  • Experimented with “professional” blogs for environmental issues. Ultimately went with a 2nd WordPress blog ~


  • New Mexico ~ Socorro, Santa Fe, Ghost Ranch (near Abiquiu), Albuquerque
  • Philadelphia (2x)
  • Finger Lakes of New York
  • NYC (2x)


  • April ~ Dinner in Baltimore City with Pam.
  • December ~ Lunch & an afternoon in DC with Kendra & Jerome, Aunt Carol & Uncle John.

Social Media

  • I stopped using Flickr.
  • I joined Meetup. Participated in a poetry group for 3 months.
  • I quit LinkedIn. Months later, I rejoined with a visually-designed profile.

Fiber Arts

  • Experimented with folding paper.
  • Thought about how folding paper techniques could be incorporated into fabric garments.


  • I took 7,286 photographs, with 2 devices: point-and-shoot camera (≈ 90%); and camera phone (≈ 10%).
  • Keep rate for camera unknown; keep rate for phone camera  ≈ 80%.


  • To counteract my sedentary habits, tracked how much time I “stood up & walked around”. Daily goal on 1.1.2013 was 225 minutes (3.75 hrs/day). Daily goal on 12.31.2013 was 300 minutes (5 hrs/day).
  • Total for 2013 = 1565.5 hours. Averaged 4.3 hrs/day (30.1 hrs/week) for the year.
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