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Who wants writing work?

November 9, 2013

All cold, waiting to enter


(at least) 1 strawberry blonde

(at least) 2 wearing glasses

(at least) 6 bloggers

ancestress invoked

ballet shoes with striped socks

brown leather and tan suede

cooking writer

dark red boots

discussing etymology

fanfiction finagling

fender bender & ferocious outburst

grey swing coat


Interim ~ high-ceilinged lobby, sitting on floor, voices echoing ~


kits of knitting

Lego watch

long braids in updo

Munchkins delighting

name syllables: 10 of 2, 4 of 3

off-white Aran sweater

preschool lice, long ago

puffy pink parka

rune-like scribbles

Stanford sighting


Unheated eventual classroom



technical writer

velveteen jacket

will she? won’t she? columnist in India

1 blonde

2 drinking Starbucks coffee in red holiday cups

2 redheads

3 long patterned scarves – orange, ivory, blue

4 would-be editors

6 unusual appellations



                                                . . . who might meet again? ◊ ◊ ◊

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