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people who need people 4

October 23, 2013

Of the ~300 people I met before AROHO (in August), 6 weeks ago I said I hoped 1 of them might become my friend in time. Instead, she blew me off, twice. I decided to stop seeing her. Then I got 2 creepy proto-stalkerish emails from her. I’ve now blocked her.

But there is good news.

In the last month, I’ve attended 3 environmental events in central Maryland. I’m starting to figure out how to introduce myself  and talk about why I’m there. I’m signed up for a water conference in December, but may have more environmental meetings before then.

I took a writing workshop and met 3 interesting people, 1 of whom I’ve been corresponding with at some length. I’ll attend another 3 writing workshops before the end of the year.


I’ve written to several more people I met at AROHO. I don’t expect any of them to respond, but it could be cool if they did.


I now have 2 different sets of “business” cards, targeted toward different groups — writers/creatives, and environmentalists.


Things feel like they are on the verge of making sense again soon.

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