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once we mix

August 23, 2013

Even though I arrived back home in Maryland (after 2 weeks in New Mexico) on Monday night, today, Friday, is the first day I remember clearly. My calendar has notations of things I (apparently) did Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but they’re like mostly-forgotten dreams.

Last night I slept 12 hours, and I didn’t really get out of bed until 3 p.m., local time, but my watch (and I) are still on Mountain Time.

“Everything” about me (felt like it) changed while I was gone . . . but Spouse is the only person in my life who even knows I went anywhere. I guess I could fall off the face of the earth, and no one (except Spouse) would notice, or care.

I want to wait to write about AROHO 2013 until I feel sufficiently recovered to do it justice, but 2 solid weeks of not-enough-sleep + being-highly-social + high-spiritual-&-emotional-energy-demands are unprecedented. I want to write, but my mind is foggy and slow.  I can’t estimate how long my recovery time might take.

I don’t quite know what to do with myself. I’m having vivid and oddly-compelling dreams, but so far, nothing that wants to be written has bubbled up from below. Yet. I have to trust it will.


In New Mexico, I inhabited a new reality, and I want it to be true and real here in Maryland as well. But how can I help bring that about?

Will the new friends I have written to, or will write to, write back?

Can I hope to make (more) friends on this side of the country?

And how soon can I return to New Mexico? To Ghost Ranch?

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