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Philadelphia: snapshots

May 14, 2013

muddy rivers, hidden sloughs, sparkling seas

National Train Day, but I’ll miss the festivities

towers billow and gallop across the Schuylkill River

dewy rambling afoot over U Penn campus

The Sun while wind and rain and balloons (blue and white)

“carving out our stories” ~

quilted world map as mural, 15 feet high

concentration began not with coffee but orange juice

31 women in the dark, straining to hear hushed words of Chimimanda Adichie

second-guessing my choices after lunch conversation goes awry

dream of a potter, Her living works

“possible connection between courage and rage”

Brave Robin and shy rabbit

ambiguous Egyptian hieroglyph — gazelle? butterfly? angel?

“Pollen, the holy water of Native Americans…”

Southwestern pottery — black lightning and stars on red clay

“Hausaland renowned for its textiles since the 14th century”

catalog of Mediterranean fish, grey and brown and rust tesserae

iridescent curlicued Roman glass

spicy, spicier, and spiciest sandwiches ahead of me at Subway

white young blind Baltimorean woman and her Californian mother, going to Peabody

African-American father and son invoke Antman to change altitudinous lightbulbs

sun sets into clouds over Delaware Bay

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