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spring in the garden

April 29, 2013

On 4/21, I wrapped up this iteration of The Artist’s Way. I’ve continued with morning pages, usually every other day. It’s harder to remember artist dates, but maybe writing them on my calendar will keep them on my mind.

Now that I have a new first name that I like, I’ve been finding social events to attend. I had three last week.

Also last week, I had my last scheduled observation of a field trip. (I’m dragging my feet a bit on leading my own groups.)

The perennial plants in our balcony garden have sprouted new leaves. I’m not sure what they all are, but last week, the columbines started blooming. (Last year, when we bought the columbine plant, the flowering period had already ended.)

I started a second compost box. Then scrapped it because, like the first attempt, it seemed to have attracted ants. Compost attempt #3 is situated away from our apartment, on a pile of decomposing leaves, at the edge of a forested area.

I’d like to attract more pollinators to our balcony. Perhaps herbs?

Yesterday, Spouse and I visited our local plant nursery, and picked out 5 pots of flowering plants. (I’ll post photos once I figure out and fix the new glitches in my photo software.)

I’m getting ready for a solo trip to Philadelphia next month, for a one-day writing seminar.

Spouse and I are talking about a week’s vacation in June. A place we’ve been before, but would like to explore further.

Before my big trip in August, I’m starting to feel internal pressure to bring things I’ve written. (Except that I haven’t written anything that I want to bring.)

I haven’t dropped out of my poetry meetup, because part of me wants to stay in it. But the prompt is something that I have no desire to write about. This is the second prompt in a row that I don’t like. The next meeting is this-coming Sunday, and I haven’t written any poems since last month. Not sure yet if being part of the group is actively hindering my poetry, or not.

I’m experimenting with folding paper into sculptural shapes. Right now, playing with the paper — without any expectations — keeps me engaged with exploration.

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