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artist dates 4 & 5

March 6, 2013

I’m willing to spend two hours per week on an artist date, but it’s difficult for me to spend two consecutive hours on an activity that I have planned out: I have ADD; I’m not a planner; I’m highly distractible.

So these last two artist dates each took place in two parts (4a, 4b; 5a, 5b).


I took Hibby shopping for hair bands. My hair is getting long and shaggy, which means I can do pigtails, sticking up in all directions.

I found two different kinds, in rainbow colors, and I bought both. Iirc, they cost me approximately $8, maybe less.

hair bands for Hibby

hair bands for Hibby

That night, Spouse and I had dinner with some of his friends, and I wore pigtails. I couldn’t stop grinning – they were so fun! Spouse thought they were silly looking, but his friends liked them.


I gave myself a hypothetical budget of $100 to spend on games that Hibby would like. I found 13 items we liked, but their combined cost was over $300. My favorite 6 were $129.

I haven’t been able to decide which few I would spend $100 on.

Originally, I wasn’t planning on actually buying anything. It was more like a thought experiment. But there were so many wonderful games out there — including tactile ones — that now I am really torn. And I keep recalling that question from a few weeks ago, “how much money per month do you spend on entertainment?”, And my answer, “probably close to $0”.

$100 seems like a lot all at once, but if it’s a big part of my entertainment for a year, it averages out to less than $2 per week.

My 6 favorites:

  1. Roger von Oech’s Ball of Whacks, $29. [from Fat Brain Toys]
  2. magnetic color cubes, $15. [from Fat Brain Toys]
  3. Fractiles-7 Travel Edition, $27. [from Fat Brain Toys]
  4. lab test games, $20. [from Uncommon Goods]
  5. whatchamadrawit, $18. [from Uncommon Goods]
  6. magnetic poetry kit, $20 new, $10 used. [from Amazon]


This session was impromptu. Our bank and post office are right next to each other, and behind them both is a field with interesting vegetation. After I ran my errands yesterday, I walked through the fields looking for spring wildflowers. Instead I found tussocks of dried grasses, in intriguing sculptural forms. I took a bunch of photographs, but none of them really convey how captivated I felt.

sculptural tussocks of grasses, dried

sculptural tussocks of grasses, dried








18 months ago, I bought a copy of a MicroDesigns coloring book, made by MindWare, at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY.

The designs shown on the front cover are colored in in a way I find strange. Maybe they would make more sense if I liked quilts with precision cut geometric pieces in predictable shapes.

In any case, inside the book, there are 23 pages of tessellated geometric designs, to be colored in.

I spent an hour today adding colors to designs I had previously worked on in August 2012.

MicroDesigns coloring book, colored pencils, design 1

MicroDesigns coloring book, colored pencils, design 1

MicroDesigns coloring book, colored pencil, design 2

MicroDesigns coloring book, colored pencil, design 2

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