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The Artist’s Way – exercises 3

March 4, 2013

Week 3, Sense of Power

Check-in ~ issues that I consider significant for my recovery?

  1. Introduced myself in person as NewName2. I like it. Told Spouse I’m going by NewName2. Updated Meetup profile to say NewName2.
  2. Finding more ways for my colors to be in my life, tangibly.
  3. More ideas for modular garments that solve issues in my own life.
  4. Added link to my blog & Twitter handle to my Meetup profile.
  5. Apparently “hundreds” of people applied to the retreat I’ll be attending this summer. But I’ve already been accepted, registered, and paid. So I’m good to go.


Week 4, Sense of Integrity

Buried dreams exercise

5 hobbies that sound fun?

  1. knitting
  2. cooking
  3. polka dancing, Chicago style
  4. flower arranging
  5. ???

5 classes that sound fun?

  1. Improv
  2. conversational Spanish
  3. salsa dancing
  4. ???
  5. ????

5 silly things I’d like to try once?

  1. hang gliding
  2. sky diving
  3. driving a fast car, fast
  4. circus camp
  5. zero gravity (or) wind tunnel ‘surfing’


Synchronicity this week?

  • Email about writing contest prompted me to finish writing poem including 5 required words (for Meetup homework), and submitting that poem to contest, 2.26. That was so enjoyable, I combed through my blog archives, looking for other poems to submit, and discovered an anagrammed poem (I’d previously overlooked), written & posted 1.26.13. I submitted it to the contest too.I challenged myself to write 5 poems with the required 5 words. And I accomplished that!
  • Someone in my Meetup group does Improv. I told her I’d recently become interested in it, had bought a couple of books, but was unsure of what to do next. She said a local group offers classes, which she is taking. So now I know what to look into next!


Check-in ~ issues that I consider significant for my recovery?

  1. Updated my Twitter blurb with Southwest-specific markers, in anticipation of retreat.
  2. Spoke to Spouse about what I might write a memoir/book on, and he had a great idea, that fits in with my previous ideas, but also adds a deeper level.
  3. Tangentially related to #2, I’ve begun brainstorming ways I could do the project I first conceived of for the Big Huge Grant application process, even though I didn’t win the money. Would involve travel. Spouse is not interested in accompanying me on those trips, but I’d rather take them myself anyway. That would be a Very Big Thing for me to do. I’m scared & thrilled at the possibilities.
  4. Continuing to reinforce new boundaries with Spouse, and I’m happier. (I don’t know that he’s noticed anything is different.)
  5. Thought of things to advance a different project I was stalled on.
  6. Thought of a way to possibly resolve tangled emotions from a distant event by doing something positive and creative in the present.
  7. I’ve noticed that I’m a lot mellower lately when dealing with people who used to drive me nuts. What’s changed is that I now feel I can & will rise to my challenges sufficiently. The better I get at meeting my own emotional needs, what I expect (demand) of others diminishes, lessening my anxiety and frustration & (hypothetically) increasing my enjoyment. I have choices.
  8. Today’s Meetup occurred in a new place I’d never been. I’ll be exploring a possible volunteer opportunity this week. My social world is expanding.
  9. My third poem is the one I shared with my poetry group, and everyone liked it. I also received useful feedback. Maybe there is an audience for the kind of poems I like to write.




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