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Creative Year in Review ~ 2012

December 31, 2012

Fiber Arts

  • Bought a dress form (finally!).
  • Created 2 garments from upcycled/repurposed components.
  • Designed and fabricated conceptual pieces for photo sessions.
  • Hand-dyed fabrics, using both commercial dyes, and natural dyes.

Reading, Writing & Editing

  • I read 386 books all the way through.
  • I read (at least) 39 books part of the way. (I didn’t track all of them.)
  • I wrote 115,551 words in 110 blog posts (including this one).
  • I wrote 10 poems. I started writing anagram poems.
  • I started writing a book.
  • I received my 1st rejection by form letter of submitted writing.
  • I took a class on copyediting.
  • I edited a short story for someone else.
  • I critiqued 2 novels by 2 different authors. One person loved my feedback; the other disliked it.
  • I applied for my first grant.
  • I applied to a writer’s retreat with a juried selection process. I was accepted.


  • I took 8,156 photographs, with a keep rate that’s up to 30–40%.
  • I gave a presentation to students on color theory as it relates to taking good photographs.


  • I participated in an international forum about biodiversity.
  • I attended a conference on water quality. (My 15th conference overall.)

Social Media

  • I quit Facebook, and Tumblr.
  • I tried and quit Pinterest.
  • I reached 100 connections on LinkedIn (which has taken me 4 years).


  • I took a voice class, and discovered I have no musical talent.
  • I tried to take an acting class (but it was cancelled).


  • Finger Lakes of New York
  • NYC (2x)
  • Mount Vernon, Virginia

Critter encounters

Squirrels, songbirds, turkey vultures, frogs & toads, slugs, deer, fox, skinks, hummingbird, hawk, opossum, snails, shrew, mouse, woodchucks, chipmunks, orbweaving spiders, other spiders, butterflies & moths, assorted insects including a ginormous praying mantis.


  • Let go of labels: Pagan, polytheist, environmentalist, scientist, feminist, optimist, joiner of groups, part of a gender binary, non-neurotypical, native learning style ~ verbal.
  • Embraced labels of: agnostic (but still an animist & mystic), hopeful pragmatist, mostly solitary, genderfluid, neurodiverse, native learning style ~ tactile-kinesthetic.
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