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fits and starts

December 18, 2012

I just returned from a “midnight” walk (really, 1 – 2 a.m.), where I pondered the real reason I’ve been resisting starting my new blog. Because wanting a better tagline is a pretty weak excuse.

Well, so, there is more to it than that. Spouse helped me design the FW website. And he said he would set up the WordPress blog on my website but . . . he’s been too busy at work, for months now. Also, there’s stuff I want to do that he doesn’t agree with, and instead of arguing with him about it, I thought maybe I should just learn how to do it myself. Except I wasn’t sure where to go to learn. (It took me longer than it should have to think of books.) Our library has a few that seem relevant; I’ve put them on hold. I hope to pick them up tomorrow (oops, later today).


Since changing my goal of ‘standing & walking’ time to 3.75 hours last week, I logged a total of 1880 minutes upright, which averages 269 minutes/day (just under 4.5 hours). I missed the target just 1 day out of the 7, Saturday. We woke up early and went to see the first showing of The Hobbit, which threw off my entire day.

Days when I don’t force myself to get up and move around early are days that I feel logy the rest of the day. But when I do move around early and often, I’m noticing that sometimes I even have ‘extra’ energy . . . and I’m out of practice using it wisely.

Needing to move around frequently is helping me stay current with various household chores. Because I’m doing a greater variety of activities, I’m not straining my wrists, elbows, shoulder and/or neck hardly at all.


Now I’m wondering if breaking up my sleep might help too. (Instead of sleeping for 9 hours at a stretch.) I don’t want to mess up REM sleep, but I’m not entirely sure when it kicks in either.

More experimenting to come.


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