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perching on a precipice

October 23, 2012

I’m likely not going to be back on this blog until November. Well, I’m working on a second anagram poem, so hopefully that will appear here in a few days. (Poetry comes from a different place than my other creative writing.)

On October 11, I serendipitously encountered a wholly new project of immense interest. It has a hard deadline of November 1, and a soft deadline of October 31. If I attained the best possible outcome, it would be a phenomenal and life-changing opportunity. Even if that doesn’t occur, the process of doing the necessary deep emotional work has already been profound and unsettling in just the way I needed.

Someday I hope to develop skills at modulating my expenditures of emotional and spiritual energy, which will require dynamically adjusting the permeability of my boundaries . . . so that I have options beyond (1) being fully invested, (2) just noodling around, or (3) disinterested. Since I’m not there yet, essentially all of my emotional and spiritual energy is tied up, pretty much around the clock, until I finish, and submit my work.

I haven’t minded the focus required, because my ADD brain is highly motivated by deadlines, especially those where I know that they will be very tight. In fact, too much wiggle room precludes my best creative/emergent thinking from arising. So the universe knew just how to best pique my fascination.

(This project also means my new professional blog is on hold too.)

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  1. October 24, 2012 15:40

    Sounds amazing – good luck! Would love to hear about Whatever It Is whenever it’s over.

    With applications (grants, admissions, pitches etc) I always did find that writing them up is a journey in itself. I’m sure it was great!

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