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August 31, 2012

I think it was about a year ago that I ran across a friend’s page on Pinterest. But since she and I were also connected through  two other social media sites (Facebook, LinkedIn), I wasn’t particularly interested in adding a third.

I did look Pinterest up on Wikipedia. Didn’t exactly seem compelling.

Two months ago, I ran across a (male) journalist who advocated using Pinterest to pictorially represent one’s career, kind of a visual resume. Seemed like an intriguing idea, but I don’t actually have photos or images of me hard at work in any of my previous jobs.

A book at the library about small businesses using Pinterest  caught my eye, and I read it. And took notes. The author talked about Pinterest as a way of ‘curating’ your own online ideal museum collection. I started thinking maybe I should join.

Finally, I decided to just try it out. If I hated it, what had I lost but a few hours or days?

I set up an account this past Monday. And it’s my new obsessive interest.

Organizing, systematizing! Beautiful imagery!

The potential to connect with other people!

Oh wait.

So, I’m connected to my friend whom I knew was on it already. But I’ve looked up everyone I know from everywhere else (at least, all the people without ridiculously-common names) … none of them are on Pinterest. No wait, I found one former coworker, but he has very few pins or boards, and literally just 1 pin I liked. I looked up probably 100 people.

Well, my sister is on it. And a few of my relatives.

Pinterest shows a lot more useful stuff that other people like than Facebook, in my opinion. Iirc, my sister and I overlapped the most in movies we like — but only about 1/7. A few books.

As for the other relatives I ran across (I didn’t go looking for them), I don’t seem to have anything in common with them. Not like that’s news, but …

Yet, I like Pinterest.

The blurb I wrote about myself coalesced a lot of what’s important in my life right now, in a way that helped me see past problems and disappointments, to how ‘kind of awesome’ my life is. So that’s cool.

I’m also trying out reclaiming my legal first name, which is singular enough that I’m the only one on Pinterest.

I’m not deciding on anything yet. Just experimenting.

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