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progress and poetry

August 23, 2012

My thoughts continue to jumble. When I sit down to write, nothing comes bubbling up. It’s too soon for some things, maybe too late for others. I have things to say, but I don’t know what they are.

Today I found someone new (to me), talking about doing art daily, which became writing poetry daily, for two months.

Now that I’ve released the label of Pagan, when I read the writings or look at the photographs of Pagans, I feel connected to them in a different, deeper way than before. I now realize the label paradoxically introduced distance between us. Without my own matching label, I’m free to accept them where they are. Since I’m no longer like them (in theory anyway), I can be whoever I am, in all my complexity.

I like labels for a lot of things, because I like organizing and systematizing. I love taxonomy.

But now I’m coming to understand that labels can limit. Of course labels limit how other people see us. But I didn’t realize labels limit how I feel about myself. Labels constrain what I’m allowed to be. I like tags better. In my mind, at least, tags for photographs on Flickr or tags in blog posts just name elements that matter, but no element is considered a totality of identity. All the elements in aggregate create a cloud of identity.

A cloud seems easier to update/modify/let go of discrete labels.

Anyway, I decided I would write a poem today, to celebrate making progress on my new venture.


a walk in the woods

damp dirt underfoot

lacy stalks towering

hummingbird hovers, then zooms away

spider’s woven wheel glistens – see the hole?

red stars, green spears

sparkling strands hide in the overhang

moth preens amongst purple

windchimes twinkle

bees dart in and around

buds unspin, unspool, swish and swirl

cup of absinthe flowers and fades, all in one day

who is my neighbor?

everyone here

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  1. October 5, 2012 23:36


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