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visiting NYC

July 19, 2012

A week ago, Spouse and I took Megabus to NYC for a day trip, something we’d been talking about for four years.

We each have laundry lists of places we want to see in NYC. But for the first visit (in what we hope will be a series of visits), we thought to keep things simple. Spouse originally wanted to see MOMA (the Museum of Modern Art), but someone instead suggested the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Here’s what we actually saw:

I discovered a bunch of designers whose work I loved at the FIT exhibit.

mood was a surreal and sublime experience. I never thought I would not just see so many different kinds of silks, but get to touch them all. My hands were in ecstasy. I fell in love with small bolts of two lovely cross woven silks — yellow to sky-blue, iridescent high-key blue-green from a distance; and orange to hot pink, iridescent ??? (I don’t have words for the color – some sort of tropical flower colorway that was medium-key and bright) from a distance. Before mood, I’d only ever ‘blissed out’ by touching someone alive. Now I know touching silk can also invoke endorphins. (Spouse’s photos show my rapturous face.)

I liked a hundred different fabrics, but I confined myself to buying just one yard of something unlike anything I’d seen before. (No photographs yet.)

AMNH completely fried my brain, in a good way: so much information to absorb; so many opportunities to learn! I wanted to focus on the gems and minerals; Spouse wanted to see the blue whale. We saw many other things besides, which reduced me to a shambling hulk by the end. That is, Spouse had to literally take me by the hand and lead me to the café, to eat, as I was staring down at the floor, completely overwhelmed by stimuli.

And then Central Park was amazing. Spouse kept exclaiming at vignettes that reminded him of scenes he’d seen in movies or TV. (I suppose I have too, but I’d never have thought of it right then.) More important to me was how  Completely Different it felt to be there. Streets run through (parts of) it; there are traffic lights. But huge trees tower over everything, and are much closer to the street and the lights than is the case anywhere else I’ve seen. The trees themselves — many huge sycamores, and other tall ones like walnut? Elm? — gave me the sense of having wandered into fairyland. So the streets, traffic lights, people on bikes and skateboards, the occasional car, all should have jangled — but they didn’t. I felt like I walked in a liminal space of overlapping spheres of possibility. I was utterly charmed.

Looking forward to more visits.

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