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poetry and poached eggs

December 30, 2011

displeased and displaced, our carbuncles cried ‘Uncle!’

the deranged ninja sought revenge on an angel

I fumbled my thimble and it tumbled down stairs

a tranquil beast found danger as it rambled through Stonehenge

she winched up the poncho the honcho was wearing

blintzes for brunch in the French mansion’s dungeon

Dracula’s cockatiel played glockenspiel


I’ve been writing down lists of words containing various pairs and triples of consonants, then trying to create whimsical, not-quite-nonsensical sentences with them. Perhaps they, or some version of them, will appear in a poem someday.

I can hardly believe it was Monday of this week that I felt so awful physically. Last night, after a gluten-free dinner, I left the restaurant with Spouse, and my brain zinged with clarity. I came home and read a couple of books* about how to eat gluten-free, and what order to eat foods in to optimize energy levels. I was reluctant to eat anything sugary, in case brain fog would return. The thing is, I now realize that I must’ve been ‘self-medicating’ with sugar and wheat for years. Those opioid spikes in brain energy really matter when you’re feeling depressed, anxious, and/or lethargic most of the time – as I was. But when your brain and body energy coasts more evenly, you don’t need spikes to tide you over. Also, I don’t seem to be getting as many random ‘daily headaches’ as I was, just a week ago.

I actually went for two walks around our neighborhood today: one alone, taking lots of photographs; and a later one with Spouse (where he took more photos than I did).

I cooked poached eggs for breakfast, the first time I’d had them in (iirc) almost 40 years. They were delicious.

I think this is going to work.


*The Kid-Friendly ADHD & Autism Cookbook by Pamela Compart and Dana Laake; and Gluten-Free Girl by Shauna James Ahern. Ms. Ahern’s blog has been added to my blogroll.

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  1. Sixwing permalink
    January 1, 2012 22:40

    Your word assortments have given me all sorts of ideas. *putters with tranquil beasts and vengeful ninja*

    • January 2, 2012 19:29

      Wonderful! I hope you’ll post yours somewhere. Maybe they’ll inspire me, or someone else. 🙂

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