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opposite means contrary

September 29, 2011

Again this year, I will be participating in The Sketchbook Project, administered by the Brooklyn Art Library. The 2011 version was my first time, so I didn’t really have expectations. I chose a name to be identified by that was totally unconnected to any of my online or offline personas. I worked within the theme I chose only in sort of a philosophical way. The only text was titles of individual pages. And I did not fill all of the pages.

This year I have different ideas. There were several themes I was drawn to, so instead of trying to choose between them, and because I wanted to challenge myself, I opted for a randomized choice. I received “opposite day”.

My first thought was that the opposite of day is night, so maybe the loose thread of consistency could be night and darkness. But that seemed awfully limiting. My second thought was to alternate between each of the themes that I originally liked. But that didn’t seem quite right either.

Since I’m now trying to move boldly untethered by plans, I’m going to let things unfold organically, and see what happens.

This year I am signing my work with my current name: Laiima Garrabing Fiadhiglas. Which is contrary in its own way because it connects two different forms of public works: drawings and collages on paper; and online writing.

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