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embodying ecstasy

August 6, 2011

Literata wrote about (religious) ecstasy, which got me thinking about the topic. I enjoyed her post, but it didn’t really resonate because my experience of ecstasy is very much an embodied one. Any thinking I’m doing is my body’s cognition, it’s not at all intellectual or even reflective. And it’s through my bodied experience that I feel affinity with other beings around me, or Gaia, or the universe. I’m me, but I’m also connected. It’s like the music of the spheres played by nodes in a universal network. We each improvise, according to our natures and our moments, and together we create something unscripted, unpredictable, and a marvel.

I have most often felt ecstasy while getting to know nonhuman persons. There is one activity I do with other humans that can create ecstasy as well – dancing. But it has to be dancing with abandon, sparing no thought to how I look or what other people are thinking about me. When I commit to dancing in this manner, I feel most wholly myself, in a way I can only approximate otherwise.

Last night I danced in public for the first time in several years. I was somewhat conscious of other people’s impression of me, although I tried not to be. Spouse was at my side, and was much more restrained (although by the end he had found his groove thing – yay!).

Some things inside of me that have been hibernating for years woke up last night. And then I dreamed about them. And so I remembered who I am, who I really am.

Now, how do I bring these things forth?


I can highly recommend going to see the band Fifth Level if you enjoy dancing to disco, hip hop, and funk. They are awesome, and their energy level is amazing.

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