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what dreams may come

July 19, 2011

This morning I had an odd dream, full of puzzling and contradictory sequences. The most compelling image was true Mystery (in a religious sense) — the entirety of its meaning cannot be figured out by thinking about it; it is grasped only by living/embodying it.

That image was a young deer and an adult fox that were somehow the same being. At first, in the dream, I thought the deer was pregnant with the fox. Then it seemed maybe the deer had eaten the fox. But neither of those were the case, although what was true I have no way to explain.

What I can say is that both deer and fox have not only been mundane animals I have frequently encountered, but have sometimes also been encounters with the numinous, including in dreams. So I know to look behind the obvious for possible meanings.

Fox can be a trickster, and the one trickster god in my pantheon is Loki. A young deer to me suggests my inner child, who can also be associated with (my conception of) young Kore, a goddess of joy, play, whimsy, who also has a touch of trickster in her.

It seems I need to set aside heaviness, seriousness, and worries about the future.

Other images in the dream were all about setting off for an unknown destination, and bringing nothing with me. Making drastic changes, which felt necessary and encouraging.

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