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dream of design revives

February 28, 2011

Five weeks ago, I began working on a project that Spouse assured me I could crank out in 3 days, a week tops. Instead, it took me over a month, and I finished late last Friday night (2-25).

I did very little else for that entire month. I didn’t write blog posts (although that was mainly because my headset stopped working).  I didn’t go to the library; I rarely left the apartment, even to take walks (although the weather mostly wasn’t very walk-friendly anyway); I hardly ran any errands. Instead, I sat at my laptop, learning about, then putting to use, Adobe InDesign.

I was very surprised to learn that doing InDesign for hours on end is less stressful to my body than typing is. I still managed to overdo things on occasion, but I have a lot more latitude than I would’ve imagined.

I’ve administered a complex design project from beginning to end: I communicated with contributors around the world, to gather data and images; I designed the book and both covers; I proofread and copyedited artist statements and bios; I shepherded my files through the upload-to-the-printers-and-approve-the-proofs process (surprisingly complicated and time-consuming). All this for my very first graphic design project.

I now feel reasonably proficient with InDesign CS4. Eager to learn more, and put it to good use…

And I can’t wait to see my book!

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