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November 23, 2010

I’ve decided to revisit tapestry weaving. I continue to be fascinated by yarn, and lately my yarn seems to want to speak through me. Which it can’t do with art quilting.

Spouse and I will be doing something different for Thanksgiving this year. We’ve struggled with developing holiday traditions of our own since we moved to the Mid-Atlantic. We visit his parents in Kentucky for Christmas, but so far we’ve never done anything special for Thanksgiving. I’m hoping the food will be good.

A new book, The Undervalued Self, by Elaine Aron, has inspired me to use active imagination to make contact with my fragmented (child) self, whom I call Rose Pink. During the first session, she was a baby and preverbal, but I was still able to figure out some issues bothering her. It was quite illuminating actually. I also realized I have tons more questions about various incidents when I was a toddler. During the second session, she was about seven years old. She talked a mile a minute, and I could barely get a word in edgewise. On the other hand, if I’d been waiting 37 years for someone to actually listen to me, I suppose I’d be pretty impatient too!

Spouse and I will be going to see the Harry Potter movie later this week.

My dear friend K is cruising through Europe right now, and she will be visiting several places I’ve always wanted to go: Alexandria, Egypt; Barcelona, Spain; and Malta. I hope she has a wonderful time, and I’m greatly looking forward to hearing all about it when she returns home. But it’s hard to wait until early December.

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