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August 8, 2010

The ongoing pain in my hands and wrists is apparently not caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. But we don’t know what it is instead. I’ve begun minimizing almost any repetitive activity involving my hands, which means that most of the things I enjoy doing are essentially off-limits for the time being: I write morning pages, but only maybe twice a week, and I’m wearing hand splints while I do so; no drawing; very little painting; no sewing. I’ve been rather discouraged, with frequent low moods.

When I began wearing hand splints at night, the night pain disappeared, and my daytime pain greatly lessened. In just a few weeks, that’s all changed. So I recently bought a set to wear during the day, but they’re less comfortable than the others and I hate wearing them.

I’ve been reading a lot, which keeps my brain active.

I was hoping that the pain would diminish enough today so that I would feel up to trying to paint, but that hasn’t happened. Maybe tomorrow.

My dear friend K got me the best birthday present ever, voice recognition software, that is making it possible for me to write this blog post. I have also used it for e-mail, IM-ing, and letters.

I continue to be surprised by what life has in store for me. If I had not started having pains in my hands and wrists, I think I would now be a graphic designer, so this misfortune has helped keep me on track for some unknown opportunity in the future.

Spouse and I have been taking day trips to places near here. Yesterday we were in Intercourse, Pennsylvania, to see their quilt museum. The show we saw included many appealing designs in greater variety than we expected. Spouse took photos, and expressed his very first interest in quilting as an activity he might like to try himself.

We had not realized that Intercourse is deep in Pennsylvania Dutch/Amish/Mennonite/Hutterite territory. So that reminded us of north central Indiana; it also reminded me of a trip with my family when I was a teenager — we had probably visited fairly close to Lancaster, although it was so long ago I don’t remember details. Saturday, I purchased a dictionary of Pennsylvania Deitsh, to add to my collection. I had not realized they spoke anything other than English.

We’ve also been exploring nearby state parks.

The Mid Atlantic region, where we live now, offers so many more possibilities and opportunities for growth than were available in Indiana. It quite reminds me of Chicagoland in fact, except for the subtropical climate. Now, if I could just figure out how to make best use of what I can do here…

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