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meditation on deep sea blues

July 5, 2010

I began painting again less than 2 weeks ago, but am seeing the world with totally new eyes as a result. And I have an unexpected insight into my dreams about “center stage”: they’re not necessarily referencing being on public display (although that’s a valid interpretation), so much as reclaiming my inner authority by immersing myself in creativity.

Now that I’m on the other side of having done that, everything is different. My priorities have shifted, so that I have little interest in what’s happening in the world outside myself. I am thinking about color relationships all the time. I’m exploring them in several different works concurrently, and more are planned.

I’ve begun working on an artist statement, and am rediscovering lost sides of my personality.

I’m accepting whatever bubbles up, without judgment or criticism.

I’m more relaxed, I’m more playful, I’m happier. I feel satisfied at a deep level that, two weeks ago, I would’ve said was out of reach for me in the present. But here I am.

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