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June 30, 2010

Yesterday finished up my physical therapy. I am now much more aware of the workings of my entire body than I was before I began, in February. I have lots more issues to keep an eye on, besides my shoulder and neck. I feel fortunate to have had such a good experience with the team of therapists I worked with.

Check out this amazing stop action film, Wolf and Pig, by Tokyo-based Takeuchi Taijin.  I was captivated, not least of which because the pig has the last laugh.

I’ve been listening to a Spanish radio station out of Annapolis to refresh my memory on high school Spanish. I can pick out a word here and there, but they talk so fast, my comprehension is muy poco. I am starting to recognize some of the songs.

I’m working my way through a book on Beginning Lithuanian. Somehow (not vocabulary), it reminds me a tiny bit of Spanish, even though it’s not a Romance language, and their branches of the Indo-European languages family tree are far apart.

I’ve begun the wardrobe-winnowing process I’d been procrastinating about (mostly because I feared many of my favorites would no longer fit – turns out, they still do).

My weight seems to have reached the place it wants to be, approximately 10 pounds below my target weight (150-ish), so I’ve decided that’s good enough for me, and I’m no longer trying to gain.

Spouse’s 30th high school class reunion is next month, and we’ll be attending. It’s his first class reunion. (I went to my 10th and 20th high school, and my 20th for middle school.) For mine, the 2 high school reunions were mostly a waste of time — none of the interesting people I’d hoped to see were there. I had somewhat better luck at my middle school reunion, although there were people who RSVPed that I was particularly interested in seeing, and then they didn’t show after all. Spouse’s best friend will be there at his, and we rarely see him, so that should be worth the long drive.

I recently got rid of about 50 books, after reorganizing my personal library. I sold some of them to Powell’s in Portland OR; others to Ukazoo in nearby Towson MD; and the last batch that neither of them wanted went to our local resale shop. I counted the ones I still have, out of curiosity — just under 500. I really love to read. And write.

Our local library has been undergoing renovation, so my recent visits were to a tiny satellite location. But the full-sized library reopens next Monday, and I’ll be there soon after.

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