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more facing down fears

May 31, 2010

So, I’ve been meaning to learn how to cook for a gazillion years now. I watched Food Network fairly obsessively for several years (when we still had cable). I’ve bought a bunch of cookbooks at various times. But somehow, I didn’t take the plunge and actually try something. Until Saturday afternoon.

Spouse and I picked up some vegetables at our local farmer’s market, including green beans. I decided the time was finally ripe for me to try cooking green beans in olive oil with salt and pepper.

Spouse  looked up a recipe in one of his cookbooks, but I didn’t like any of its suggestions. I knew more-or-less the taste I wanted, and figured I would just wing it — how hard could it be? I used 2 tbsp of (cooking) olive oil – not extra virgin – in a pan at medium heat. Washed the green beans, then threw them in, and stirred vigorously for around 2 minutes. Added a bit of salt halfway through. (Wimped out on the black pepper.) That’s it. Took them off the heat, put them on a dish, and when they were cool enough to eat, I ate them.

Seasoning needs work, but I gotta say, they were pretty tasty.

And now I’ve cooked, without a recipe. It wasn’t impossibly hard or scary. It was doable, and I did it.

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