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little bits of progress

May 26, 2010

I have a new laptop, and am slowly transitioning over to using it, instead of my desk PC. I’ve been experimenting with various sitting arrangements, so I don’t stress my hands, wrists, forearms, shoulders, back, or neck. Two steps forward, one step back, but I’m learning.

My physical therapist recommended that I sit in a chair more often. I’ve been relearning how to sit properly so my neck and back are in correct alignment, but at home the only sitting spots we had were 3 chairs (2 at desks), a futon (our couch), and our bed, so I was sitting on the bed a lot. And there is just no way to align my neck and back properly on the bed — I’ve tried all sorts of things, but none really worked.  So, yesterday we bought a chair for me to sit in. I tried it out with morning pages, and it looks like it’ll work.

We will be getting rid of our futon/couch, which we’ve had for approximately 15 years.

We canceled our cable TV at the beginning of the month. Spouse almost never watched TV, and I watched a few shows on Bravo, HGTV, or the Food Network, but nothing that I felt was really adding anything useful to my life. I don’t miss it at all. More time to read.

As a way to add more physical activity to my life, Spouse got me inline skates, and all the pads and a helmet. Turns out our parking lot is rather hilly, and I’m a bit averse to whizzing down a hill at speed when I’m not very good yet at stopping, so I’ve only tried it for short bits, on the sidewalk. Also, it’s rained a lot lately, but since summer is right around the corner, I’ll have better weather, once I find a level surface.

Today I used ArcGIS for the first time since 2007. I digitized polylines showing sightings of rare fish. It was actually kind of fun.      Next week there is field work at a bog that’s closer to home than Annapolis (albeit some place I haven’t been before). In a week or two, there may also be different field work, checking out nesting sites for rare birds (that nest on top of buildings, now that most of their natural habitats have been destroyed or degraded).

It seems like nothing major has happened in a while, but I am making progress of a sort.

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