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May 10, 2010

* See here and here and here.

So, I’ve spent a bunch of my time away from the blog working on something I’m calling my Quilt Project. I’ve never quilted, and before a week ago, I hadn’t used my sewing machine in so long (3 years or so) that I’d forgotten how to use it at all. In fact, I was kind of afraid of it. But conceiving of my Quilt Project inspired me to get out my sewing machine, turn it on, and figure out how to use it. Which I did.

I sewed fabric strips on QP until the bobbin ran out. Then I stopped because I had no idea how to change the bobbin. A few days went by. Dug out the manual, and read it. Changed the thread on the machine, only to realize it has to be unthreaded and rethreaded to fill up the bobbin. So I did that. Rethreaded the top thread about 4 times before getting it right. But I did get it right. Sewed the remainder of my fabric strips. Now I just have one more to do, but with hand-sewing.

Now that I faced the fear of my sewing machine head-on, I feel empowered to actually sew other things. (Which I’ve been wanting to do for years and years.)

I’ve also begun volunteering with a state government agency, in a capacity similar to my undergraduate internship (11 years ago). I’m enjoying meeting new people, and refreshing my GIS skills, while helping with a backlog of wildlife and natural heritage projects. There may also be field work projects at some point. Win-win.

Pictures of QP to follow in a few days.

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