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getting to know me

February 8, 2010

I’ve spent minimal time at my computer lately. My physical therapist wants me to limit my time here to 15-minute increments, so as not to overstress my shoulder and arm. I’ve been doing that, and that really only allows time to check email, and maybe catch up with blogs I read. Writing tends to be a lengthier process for me.

I’ve been looking with new eyes at many gestures, large and small, that I habitually make, and a dismaying number of them seem to be (at least somewhat) problematic. I already knew there was something(s) wrong with the way I sat at my computer desk – my shoulder told me that, as well as occasionally my hands and wrists – but now that I’m paying attention to my movements even away from the computer, I see that I’m constantly applying stress or pressure when there doesn’t seem to be any need for it. Somehow I seem to have developed a whole host of bad habits that need breaking.

Also, being mindful of my posture at all times (and keeping it on track, or at least, better than “normal for me”) is exhausting. I know it’s better for me, short- and long-term, to fix the problem, but I essentially can’t “relax” at all.

On the plus side, I currently have the time, interest, and commitment available to devote to re-fashioning myself into a healthier, happier, sustainable version of me. As I always say to Spouse, “if everything went exactly the way I wanted (i.e., there were no setbacks or surprises), I’d never learn anything. And that would be boring!”

Time’s up, gotta go.

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