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play to your strengths

January 15, 2010

I know that “figuring out who I am” is likely a lifelong process, so just realizing I’ve historically been limiting myself, and responding to that by pulling the blinders off, and seeing what’s really there, not just what I expected (or wanted) to see – those are all necessary steps in the process. Uncomfortable perhaps, but also liberating.

It’s been quite illuminating looking at my issues this month through the lens of authority. (Thank you Saturn!) I did think, though, that making my first stab at “what do I want to do next (as a job or otherwise)?” would be more difficult and time-consuming than it’s proved to be. (Otoh, I still don’t know how to proceed!)

This morning, as I analyzed last night’s dream, I realized that I do know what I’m good at. And that I do it, in some fashion, all the time.

I was trying to figure out if I have strengths in some area that is in demand, since jobs that everyone likes to do and/or everyone wants to do (for some value of everyone), tend to not pay well, due to supply and demand.

I really enjoy ingesting complex information, and conveying it, understandably, to other people. Often verbally (talking or through writing), but sometimes visually (diagrams, maps, etc.).

That could be described as information design, and that’s what I want to do. I think I lost my way recently by thinking if I understood graphic designers better, that would help. I may need to know graphic design tools (software, etc.), but their mindsets and worldviews don’t seem helpful otherwise.

Now, what comes next?

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