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last fiber project of 2009

January 1, 2010

I finished hand-sewing this patchwork skirt at 19:30 on New Year’s Eve. I began it at a workshop I took at the IMA, taught by Cat Chow in the spring of 2008 (just before we moved). I got about half done before I ran out of suitable fabrics to finish it. I’d periodically evaluate it to see if I’d come across fabrics to finish it, but never found any I liked enough.

Yesterday, I was utterly determined to finish it, so I found fabrics in my stash and made it work. I’m quite pleased with it. (see photos of it here)

The skirt began with a favorite shirt that had shrunk too small, which I cut up, and repurposed the placket as the waistband of a wrap-around skirt. I joined two small panels of canvas to lengthen it – tree-like design in chocolate brown on dark teal; and apple green leaf design on cocoa. Next I added a remnant of upholstery fabric – a large-scale multi-hued floral pattern on a warm red background.

Yesterday’s additions were a strip of cabbage roses and foliage in cream, dark yellow, and warm greens on a dark brown background; and the wrong side of a multi-hued stripe. (I used the wrong side because the right side’s background was much lower in value, which made the skirt as a whole too somber. ) Using the striped fabric brought together all the other major color elements from the rest of the skirt.

I think it turned out amazing! (I can hardly bring myself to take it off, even though it’s not warm, and my studio is, as always, freezing.)

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