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adventures in job seeking

December 16, 2009

I’m receiving unemployment benefits, so I have to apply to at least two jobs every week.  It’s a little tricky, though, because I’m trying to transition away from administrative jobs and into something more design-related. Except that I don’t have any actual design experience yet: a couple of classes, some noodling around with CS4 software on my own/with books. So some weeks, it’s hard finding two jobs to apply to that I’m qualified for, think I might like, and pay a decent amount. (And after all that, I usually don’t hear from them anyway.)

To wit: in the last 4 months, I’ve applied for 34 jobs. I’ve been contacted by three of them, two in the last month. I interviewed with all three.

The interview I had late last month went really well, so much so that I expected the interviewer to offer me the job on the spot. He said he would have but he had other interviews scheduled, but he’d “call either way”. He hasn’t. I sent an inquiring email yesterday, but Spouse guesses that ship has sailed. Which is a shame, because I was genuinely enthused about it. [Receptionist at a renovations company, but would be learning the 3-D design software and taking on design responsibilities in time. So it seemed pretty ideal.]

I had two interviews at the same company today–one a phone interview with HR, then with the hiring manager later on. Both of those went well, but HR made the job sound a lot more interesting than it turns out to be. (I was grilled on my database and technical experience; however, the office only uses Excel, and only in a very basic way.) Office coverage might entail starting at 6 a.m., and “staying late” without any notice. (At least the job was hourly, not salaried.) And they’re paying way less than the going rate.

Today’s “adventure” was that I negotiated salary on the spot. I’ve previously only sorta talked about “salary requirements” over the phone or by email, but not face to face. When I got the interviewer to tell me the highest they were willing to pay, and it fell within (what I knew was) the US Department of Labor’s range of 10th to 25th percentiles of 2008 wages for this type of job in my state, I realized this was a bad fit all the way around.

So, the search continues…

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