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design puzzles, part 2 – illustrated

November 10, 2009

SpectrumPattern + Fibonacci series proportions = photos 4-6 in this Flickr set. (Click on photos to see entire horizontal view.)

Of the first set, I like the second one better, but next time I’ll have the direction of the spiral be widdershins.

Of the second set, for my design purposes I don’t really like either. But just to look at, I like the first one, and so does Spouse. (He likes the “lawn” or “pool” in the center.) The first one doesn’t work for my design purposes precisely because of the “lawn” – a place of stillness is acceptable, but this one is too big proportionally.

Of the third set, I really like the red one, and the purple one is growing on me. Doing the purple one gave me the idea for the configuration of the sine wave on the red one, and I like that so well I’ll have to try it out again with Prismacolor pencils. (I love the jewel tones of the watercolor pencils, but the process of producing those jewel tones takes much more effort and time than regular colored pencils.)

I have multiple objectives for going through these design exercises:

  1. Find patterns that can be stand-alone designs.
  2. Find patterns that can be used as components in a larger composite design.
  3. Find patterns to use for borders.
  4. Something magical happens and gives me new ideas altogether…
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